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Cricket Samrat

Cricket Samrat is a Hindi lingual monthly magazine about happenings of Indian Cricket. Its publication started in 1980 and is a famous magazine read by cricket enthusiasts.

It includes cricket articles, stories, score cards, highlights and pictures of cricketers and matches.

Cricket Samrat is an interesting and knowledgeable source of in-depth information about happenings in Domestic and International Cricket world.

Cricket Samrat is published by Dewan Publications Pvt Ltd under the leadership of Mr Anand Dewan.


He, a son of a magazine agency owner, grew with magazines since childhood and thought of converting his passion for sports with family business. At the time of Montreal Olympics in 1976 he started the magazine called “Khel Samrat” for two years but cricket being the favorite sport of nation, publishing an exclusive magazine seemed a better Idea. So, with this thought¬† In 1978 we converted the magazine into “Cricket Samrat” at a Price of Just Rs 3 from that day till now we have never looked back. Our readership soared with the India’s explosives success in the early 80’s and as was anticipated¬† win the ’83’ World Cup gave us the 1000volt push in the market making us number 1¬† Hindi cricket magazine.
We have successfully covered all Cricket world cups and other tournaments since 1979 and hope to move along with this amazing game called ‘cricket’ .

We have a very simple ideology when it comes to publishing a magazine which is that the readers is the king and we are here to serve with best of content and material to them.

With this goal we hope to carry on and provide all the knowledge we can of this amazing world of cricket.
Now with the shift of information on Internet , we are also entering the blog culture with launching our “Cricket Samrat” blog with more latest different information apart from magazine
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